For many people, the winter season means staying at home, snuggling under piles of blanket while waiting patiently until more sunshine and warmer temperatures return.  People often have this have a natural instinct to keep safe, warm and cozy when the temperature dips. As one will be spending more time at home keeping busy while watching Netflix marathons, a home needs to feel completely comfortable and inviting. As such, there is no better time to give your home an upgrade than winter. That said, you do not have to invest in a big renovation to transform your space into a comfortable hideaway from the blistering cold weather. Ahead are some winter home decor online tips to turn your home into a cozy space you will be eager to spend the cold winter days in.

Cozy Throws

As temperature drops, bring warmth into the home with some cozy throw blankets, the epitome of winter home décor. This throw blanket has all the winter vibe and instantly brings warmth to any room. It is a simple way to add some fun color and pattern to the space.

Bohemia Throw Blanket with Tassels for Couch Knit Woven 50" x 70"

Bring It To The Bathroom

Place this red and green artificial plant in the bathroom to bring in the winter holiday colors. This will make the room appear livelier and definitely more cheerful

Mini Artificial Plant in Pot Fruit Waxberry

A Soothing Entrance

Hang this lovely windchime by the entryway for a soothing welcome every time you walk through the front door. Made with bamboo, it gives the wind chime a soft, calming and enchanting sound.

Leaf Shape Wind Chimes

Bring The Outdoors In

There is just something about winter that just begs for a more nature-inspired decoration. This probably is due to the fact that we cannot spend much time outdoors. This colorful bird-stained glass window hanger is a subtle way to reflect the view from outside the window.

Birds Stained Glass Window Hangings

Hanging basket

Although the outside may look bleak and everywhere blanketed in snow, it does not mean that your house has to look weary.  Having some plants and placing them in hanging baskets can instantly add vibrancy to the space. Research has shown that having indoor plants can reduce  stress especially if you are all cooped up at home.

Plant Hanger with Wooden Basin Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf Flower Pot

Organizing The Bedroom 

If you want to spruce up your bedroom decor, you can start with having sufficient storage to maximize the space while keeping the room organized.  Putting everything in its rightful place with smart bedroom storage reduces clutter and also makes it easier to clean.  An organized and tidy room adds to the illusion of more space.  This moisture-proof nifty undergarment drawer organizer is made from durable nylon  and just the thing you need to organize your undergarments, socks, tties and more. 

Underwear Drawer Organizer Set

Cozy Up The Floor

Nothing feels better in the winter than an ultra-thick and cozy rug under the feet. This super soft and comfortable microfiber rug is a great way to add warmth to your home whether in autumn or winter. This rug features a non-slip design to create better grip on the ground and offer safety especially when the floor is wet.  It is great for use in the bathroom or kitchen.

Slip Upgrade Thick Absorbent Velvet Bathroom Rugs


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