Don't have the time to dedicate to plant care and don't want to give up the pleasure of decorating your home with a touch of green? We at Aoin have the right solution.

Artificial plants: the right solution for home decor

Green is the color that recalls harmony, balance and calm. Decorating your home with artificial plants and flowers allows us to live in total harmony and well-being immersed in our home. Thanks to Aoin's indoor decorative planters you won't have to give up decorating your home with a touch of green.

Mini Artificial Rose Flowers in Woven Basket
Artificial Flowers Bouquet Silk Plastic


Tall decorative plants are perfect for the living room, with a vase worked in ceramic, with large and robust leaves, shiny and bright. The living room will thus take a new shape and a new glow. Do you love the open-space environment? The design floor plan is perfect in the corner of the entrance to the house in order to give an atmosphere of welcome and good taste. Small designer plants are perfect for decorating the kitchen, with neutral-colored ceramic or tin jars. Ideal for furnishing the kitchen in a modern style, bringing the right color and the right movement to your spaces. Suitable on the peninsula or on the shelves, ready to give imagination, creativity and panache.

For the country-style kitchen, small, decorative, nice and pretty lavender plants are ideal, in small glass jars with jute decorations. For the equipped wall of the living area, succulent plants are perfect, decorative and simple with colored vases and neutral shades that can be easily adapted to any decor.

It is important to match the plant with the right decorative pot that you can already find on our Aoin site. Vases in ceramic, terracotta, in modern style, in country style that marry beautifully with the plant giving a real design effect to your furniture. For the bedroom, orchids in tall pots are suitable, ready to give the right refinement and elegance. Search our home storage and you will find the perfect solution for you!

Plant Hanger with Wooden Basin Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf Flower Pot

There are orchids of all types, stemmed, with high or low ceramic pots. Any type is always welcome for your furnishings, as it is a type of plant that is easily adaptable and loved by all design enthusiasts. Just choose the color of leaves you prefer (white, pink or acid green) to give class to your home.

Do you prefer plants with colorful flowers? You will have to consider resuming the shades of the furnishings, recalling the shades of the fabrics, sofas or carpets.

Lavender Artificial Plastic Plants Fake Flowers

How to furnish your apartment by adding artificial plants

To best furnish your apartment, follow these tips from the Aoin team:

  • Combine the artificial plant with custom pots that give a unique touch to the room.
  • Try to match the colors of the plants to the furnishing accessories found in the room: those who prefer a plant with colorful flowers can choose shades that reflect the nuances of the cushions or furniture.
  • To furnish the bathroom and kitchen in an impeccable way, you can opt for hanging artificial plants.
  • In a corner of the kitchen or above the hood you can put a fake ivy plant that perhaps recalls the rustic character of the kitchen. In these cases, the watchword is creativity. So let your creative mind run free!
  • In the case of artificial plants with large leaves, you must take care both to dust them and to polish them.