Pets, like their owners, need to expend their energy and diversify their physical activities. Pets' toys are not just simple hobbies or entertainment. They play a crucial role in the development of your pet, both in dogs and cats.

Indeed, pet toys are intended for moral education and physical development in animals. Far from being a trivial activity, the toy is an inexhaustible source to sharpen the various abilities of your companion.

It is essential to understand that the toy is a fundamental object for pets, it harmonizes their rhythm of life while forging privileged links between them and their owner.

In addition, play activity is a necessary need for pets, just like their daily activities such as drinking, eating or sleeping. Entertainment offers them the significant opportunity to improve their mental and physical functions as well as their sociability.


First of all, in dogs as well as in cats, boredom is noticeable if we pay close attention to it. Indeed, the lack of activity tires our companions and they spend more time sleeping than usual. If a cat spends most of its time sleeping, it probably doesn't have the opportunity to participate in some other activity. Conversely, this boredom will make him weak and less reactive than usual.


It is indeed thanks to the toy and the playful activity that your pet will correctly understand the world around him, interact with his companions as well as test and learn the limits that define his environment and his living space.

The benefits are numerous. The pet toy has many qualities that make it an essential object and necessary for the development of your companion. It allows him to spend his energy, diversify his activities, enrich his environment, improve his hygiene, develop his intelligence, acquire basic orders and stimulate his reactivity.

When the owners are away, the presence of a toy will reassure the animal and if the mood strikes it, it will have the opportunity to occupy itself and spend its time during your absence.


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For your puppy or for your kitten, the educational toy will allow him to understand the basics of his environment and to learn its limits. Besides being fun and entertaining, educational toys are true tutoring when it comes to learning. Thanks to these toys, your young companions will discover, through play sessions, life and its rules. Learning is then done in joy and good humor by strengthening the bonds of complicity between the master and his companion.


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More particularly intended for dogs, these toys that you can find on Aoin can have virtues such as the removal of tartar plaques on the canine teeth or even the maintenance of the gums. Indeed, the simple act of chewing on a toy promotes the maintenance of the jaws of your companion.


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Young and old, your dog retains wild instincts. Through toys and playful activity, the dog will reconnect with his predatory and hunter instincts. It will dash behind its prey, grab it, bite it and bring it back to its master. So, whatever the toy, the animal will play instinctively.

In the same way, a cat will chase a stuffed or rope mouse and reproduce the same gestures and the same actions as if it were in the middle of nature, being forced to hunt for its survival.


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Naturally, playful activity takes a lot of energy from your companion. This way, while having fun, he can exercise and maintain his physical abilities. Indeed, an animal that will play and exert itself will always be in better health than an animal that does not participate in any sport or physical activity.


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