A well-organized home? Everyone's dream! The lack of time and patience often limits the desire to arrange everything according to very specific criteria. But by following these simple and quick solutions, your apartment, whether small or large, will immediately acquire a new, tidier and above all more functional look!

Multi-layer Thickened Bathroom Rack Storage Rack

No more chatter, let's find out together how to optimize the spaces of our home with Aoin home storage!


In a particularly small room, retractable furniture is the ideal solution. In children's bedrooms, wall-mounted desks can work well to open only when needed, which also hide comfortable containers inside.

The benches-container manage to combine two main needs together: multiply the possible seats within an environment and take advantage of the internal space to store more bulky items and items of linen.

Have you ever thought of using the internal wall of the doors of wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards and cabinets and the internal wall of the doors to store objects? It is enough to arrange all the available space of the hooks, but also of the small adhesive containers and of the fabric object holders.

In order not to waste even an inch of home space, it is good to use furniture that grows upwards, approaching the ceiling.

Then we come to the container bed, which is the choice of many families: excellent for storing duvets, winter blankets and even suitcases of different sizes.

In order not to clutter up the surfaces of the furniture, the advice is to use wall shelves and containers.

A small but necessary precaution: using light colors for walls and furniture increases the sense of space and makes the environment brighter.

After these simple but fundamental suggestions, let's now see the organization of spaces in the house, room by room, with the fantastic Aoin home storage.


One of the most popular rooms in the house, where everything must be in its place to be immediately found and used. Here it is important to organize small spaces in which to store all the kitchen accessories, remembering to arrange the heavier things at the bottom. We therefore maximize the space vertically, with shelving to be used as a pantry, in which to store the containers with spices and dry products. What about the garbage cans? Under the sink, in the compartment designed especially for them.

Black Metal Wall Mounted Storage Basket


The ideas of home space in the bathroom are wasted. The ideal solution? Shelves with baskets in which to store everything you need, divided according to the function. Cabinets to hold small beauty appliances, make-up accessories, brushes and towels, you can find everything on Aoin!

Pen Holder Glass Makeup Brush Holder


To create space at home, it is advisable to choose multifunctional furniture for the living room such as poufs, which can act as a seat and container at the same time, and coffee tables, with drawers and shelves for storing books.


This room of the house is not only used for rest, especially if it is the bedroom of the little ones. In this case, spaces will be created according to needs: play, rest, study. The shelves and showcases will help keep everything in order, while the desks must remain strictly free.

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Little space in the cupboards? Don't worry: off-season clothing can be placed in baskets or plastic containers to be stored under the bed. Inside the wardrobes, special organizers and space-saving hangers for belts, necklaces and ties will be placed.