With so much time on your hands, your home to-do list has probably shrunk dramatically. The glasses shine, the wardrobe is sorted by color and have you already tried all the DIY mask recipes in circulation? Well, you still have one thing to do that you have been putting off for months: devote some time to that tangle of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that gravitate in your jewelry drawer. How to put the jewels in place once and for all? Aoin helps you!

Just follow some tips for organizing the jewels to make the search easier, show them in all their glory and banish chaos forever. Here's how to put the jewels in place in 5 simple steps, thanks to these organizing tips, next time you will find that ring you were desperately looking for, we assure you.

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Divide the jewels by categories (and subcategories)

First, group all the jewels on a flat surface and divide them into categories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Then move on to sub-categories: for example, drop earrings and clip earrings, long necklaces and chokers.

The decluttering of bling bling

When you have placed all the jewels in front of you, dedicate yourself to a painful but necessary operation, codenamed: the decluttering of bling bling. Eliminate everything that is broken, unpaired, or that you haven't worn for at least three months: you won't even do it in the future.

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Choose where to store your jewelry

Did that dusty box turn out to be absolutely out of logo for storing your jewelry? Dedicate an area of the house to your collection. Choose according to the space and the amount of jewelry: you can use a wardrobe drawer, a jewelry storage box, or you can even hang them on nice jewelry boxes thanks to small hooks and ad hoc shelves (ideal for necklaces and earrings).

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Show off only the jewelry you use the most

None of us use all of our jewelry with the same frequency. A good idea to avoid annoying tangles is to separate the ones used daily from the others, keeping only the former on hand and in view. The rest can easily fit into a special jewelry box or drawer. For the items you wear and remove every day, if you live in a small room, get a valet tray or a small designer tray and place it in your bathroom or on your bedside table with a fake plant decor.

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How to put less used jewelry in place?

Ok, now let's move on to the sore point: the jewels you use less. The ones that usually get tangled in your favorite ring, so to speak. Well, that, if you've been following the advice to put away the jewels we've provided you so far, it won't happen again. And it is already something. For all others, create visible compartments inside the drawer or jewelry box and study a storage solution based on the categories. As for the necklaces, be sure to store them separately in long compartments. The bracelets? They can easily be stowed on a watch cylinder (which you can also make yourself from scraps of fabric). Rings and earrings, on the other hand, pose fewer storage problems: you can group them separately in a special department.