Who said that you have to spend a lot to furnish your home with touches of modern design? In this guide we discover how to follow the new 2021 furnishing trends, renovating our home with home accessories from Aoin without necessarily having to spend exorbitant amounts.

Yes to neutral colors

Neutral colors will be the real stars of the house in 2021. Light and classic colors with warm shades will be the favorites. Pink, with its many elegant and refined shades, fits perfectly into a neutral room.

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The must-haves will be white and black. Chairs, sofas, cushions and coverings will be declined in these two variants. Especially black will have the maximum splendor when combined with natural materials or metal elements, which will create a pleasant contrast of light.

Iron, gold and bronze

Metals will be the real stars of the 2021 home for your home accessories. Used in its variations, from oxidized to gold or silver, it will not only illuminate the room, but it will be the perfect way to ensure the recycling of many objects.

Iron, gold and bronze will work well with each other especially if they are the focal point of lamps, mirrors and chairs. The important thing is not to mix too many materials with each other, because, as always, the rule of "less is more" applies.

The velvet that for years was the symbol of the grandmother's house, this year returns as the protagonist of the furnishings revisited in a modern key. Sofas and armchairs will shine in the mix of luxury and modernity thanks to bright and vibrant colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow.

The decorations

When it comes to decorations, one cannot help but think of the wallpaper which in recent years has become an indispensable element to give grit and character to the rooms. Nature with drawings of tropical forests, jungles and plants will be the real stars of the wallpaper. Alongside these, abstract and colorful motifs with vital and vibrant colors cannot be missing.

Even the geometric motifs, which characterized the houses of the 1970s, will return to enrich and complete the walls of the rooms. Unlike before, the fundamental rule is to create a balanced environment which, however, highlights a corner of the house.


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Having the right lighting in the environment is not only essential for safety, but it becomes a way to recreate a design room. The lamps in this case play a fundamental role. Sinuous, elegant or flashy, they can give an extra touch to any environment. The chandelier that has always stood out in the center of the room is revisited in a modern key and becomes particularly versatile thanks to the different finishes and materials.


The room where you relax in 2021 becomes a comfortable and luxurious environment, how? With the canopy bed that will become the absolute protagonist. Just consider the size of the room and in an instant, you will have an oasis of well-being and comfort right at home.

The living room

The place in the house where you spend more time with your family must be practical and functional. To have everything you need, especially if the room is not large, you need to make the most of the height.

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One way to do it best is to install large bookcases or equipped walls with simple and minimal lines. Different materials such as wood, metal or glass, allow you to create a piece of furniture in which everything is at hand, but with particular attention to design.


Over the years, plants have acquired an increasingly central place within the apartments, vertical gardens and green corners have furnished and made each room unique. Also, in 2021 the natural elements will be the real stars of the house. Fat, evergreen or with flowers, they will give a touch of color to the rooms in neutral tones.

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