Many people cannot realize "freedom of housing" immediately, but this doesn't prevent us from loving life. When you rent or buy your own small house, we hope that this home is filled with traces of well-dressed. Today we are discussing bathroom storage. What do you need to put in the bathroom? In addition to toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks, there are many small things. We'd like to seek out a space for storing within the bathroom to store beauty products and daily cleaning products, such as skin care products, toiletries, toilet paper and even medical supplies.

The bathroom may be a place that's easily overlooked in lifestyle, because we don't stay here often, but I hope everyone can dress up the bathroom a touch in order that they will enjoy an honest time while bathing. Before making full use of the bathroom, you would like to know how the bathroom can handle the utilization of the space.

Many people put skin care products together within the bathroom, which I don’t recommend. Bathroom space is inherently limited. Put skin care products in the bathroom to take up space. It is recommended to put skin care products in the dresser of the bedroom like cosmetics to extend the space for storing of the bathroom. This decision has also reduced a lot of trouble.

Storage rack placement

Place a slender and tall shelf during a small free space, place toilet tissue, wet wipes, toiletries and towels. If your bathroom is meant to separate dry and wet, you'll even put two favorite magazines thereon. In addition to placing the items I mentioned, you can also use your creativity and give it a try.

Use a small storage box

A storage box can be placed under the sink or on a shelf to place soaps for different purposes. If you don't have enough budget to buy different storage boxes, then you can DIY shoe boxes as storage boxes, which is also a good choice.

Hanging pocket storage

Nowhere for the tiny parts of your daily brushes? Hanging pockets can solve this problem well. they will be hung behind the bathroom door or on the bathroom wall. Increase the sense of life within the bathroom.

Toiletries storage

For women, there are tons of toiletries needed for bathing, but the bathroom has no extra space for storage. And therefore the bottom also can be equipped with wheels, which may be placed at different positions at will. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, scrub, body lotion, etc. will have an area to remain.

Visually magnify the space

Visually increase the world of the space through different colors. Light colors will effectively achieve this goal, not only limited to white, use soft pink, blue, and yellow to form the bathroom more individual. Let the floor tiles and walls improve and maintain an equivalent color system. At an equivalent time, other small ornaments are added to form the bathroom look more vivid.