People who report doing household chores without great effort are not aliens and do not have super powers. They simply found a method that allows them not to engage in cleaning for too long and without getting too tired.

Do you want to know how they do it?

The watchwords are:

  • Organization: When you have a timetable that regulates specific tasks, everything is much simpler. Especially since the jobs are done on a daily basis, and they don't pile up.
  • Habit: a gesture that is made every day becomes a habit and stops being a burden.

Having method means creating a daily routine that allows you to find space for all activities. Routine ones only take a few minutes away, precisely because cleaning is often much easier and faster than doing it only when the situation becomes critical.

In the weekly cleaning table, we must take into account two types of activities: those that must be carried out daily and those that must be carried out once, which are generally the most demanding.

Our advice is to focus only on the first ones during working days, while on weekends or on free days, when we are less rushed, we can focus on the less frequent ones.

But let's see which house cleaning supplies will make this task a lot easier!

Hygiene and ease of cleaning in the bathroom

Hygiene must always be a priority in the bathroom! To best fight dirt and bacteria, it is important to opt for shapes and materials that can be easily and thoroughly washed and sanitized. This is especially true for products such as toothbrush holder, soap dish or toilet Brush (those that can more easily come into contact with water and dirt).

On Aoin you will find a basket where you can put everything you need close at hand, to always have a tidy bathroom! This convenient basket can be hung wherever you want, as it offers a tidier and space-saving alternative that is easy to manage.

Plastic PP Hanging Drain Basket

Even an object like the toilet brush deserves to be chosen carefully and in coordination with the rest of the bathroom furniture, together with its holder. On Aoin you can buy the entire set with ease!

Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Brush And Holder Set

To optimize the space in the kitchen

A disorganized kitchen can make your life very difficult! Knowing where to find what you need in the blink of an eye saves you time and unnecessary stress. Before starting to rearrange it, divide the various objects according to use. Then arrange the shelves and organize the drawers and furniture. Finally, try to make more space if there are other products to store.

Very often kitchen cabinets have considerable heights, so if you want to avoid stacking too many things dangerously on top of each other, and want to make better use of the available space, storage racks or additional shelves certainly come in handy. Certainly useful for plates, glasses and cups. But they lend themselves to many other uses.

Multi-layer Thickened Bathroom Rack Storage Rack

For the same purpose you can use a basket under the shelf, which slips on the top shelf, like this:


Black Metal Wall Mounted Storage Basket