Long and warm pajamas, sexy nightdress, light and practical clothing, every woman has her own tastes regarding what to wear when going to bed. The important thing is that the pajamas you will give make the person you give the gift to feel comfortable, because there is no rule on what is better or worse for sleeping. However, there are women's pajamas and nightdresses of various kinds on the market, some particularly original and refined, as well as comfortable. We are talking about the many models of Aoin women's pajamas, in pleasant fabrics on the skin and comfortable, and practical models perfect to give to your friend!

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The nightgown

Time passes, fashions change, but the nightgown remains one of the favorite garments for women when it comes to going to bed. These are sexy pajamas for women. The wide choice of products available on the market, however, cannot be summarized in a single category. The main difference between the different women's nightgowns concerns the fabric of which they are made, as they can be found in various types, from shirts in stretch jersey, such as the Aoin models, simple and essential, up to the more sophisticated and elegant, in cotton, with lace inserts, or even in luxury fabrics, such as satin or chiffon. The choice depends on the season, but also on the habits of the individual person; in fact, there are those who are always hot, both in January and August, and those who need to be slightly more covered even in the height of summer. The nightgown is then declined in various models and lengths, from sexy to the more sober and simple. Long or short nightgown, nightgown with buttons or pocket, imaginative or plain: you are spoiled for choice with Aion! And why not, the nightgown can be combined with a dressing gown or a bedroom jacket, because even when you are at home the eye wants its part and it is nice to have a refined style while remaining in maximum comfort.

Pajamas Set Women's Sexy 4pcs Silk Satin Nightgowns-Pink

The women's pajamas

Even in terms of women's pajamas, the choice is very wide and varied. The classic pajamas usually consist of a pair of comfortable cotton jersey trousers, accompanied by a light shirt in soft and stretch fabric. From this base then the different "customizations" start, which depend on the tastes and temperatures that are preferred during the night. A classic for winter is the women's fleece pajamas, warm and welcoming, also perfect for nights during a ski holiday in the mountains. For those who are less cold, a normal long pajama for women, in cotton or viscose, is certainly appreciated. In summer, pajamas are shortened to become a combination of tops plus culottes, in polyester satin or cotton, with a good percentage of elastane to make the ensemble more comfortable. In the middle we find short pajamas of all kinds, more or less sporty depending on your preferences. On the pajamas and the nightgown, we can also put a nice short kimono, always available on the Aoin website, also in this case preferring the more elegant models or the sporty and comfortable ones, but it is purely a matter of taste.

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