Having a pet means giving it a lot of attention and taking care of it. To do this, it is important to have everything you need: harnesses, collars, bowls, kennels and pet carriers are just some of the essential accessories for your life in the apartment and in the garden. That's why Aoin has collected all the offers concerning articles for animals among the best products for your home.

Cat hammock

Cat Hammock Stand Breathable Hanging Nest with Detachable Cover

When you have your cat with you, you can always risk finding from stains on the carpet or hairs in the fabric of the sofa. This motivation has prompted Aoin to design a comfortable hammock for the home in waterproof fabric that allows complete protection from stains, scratches and hairs every surface of your home. The soft cotton padding also allows the puppy to enjoy a long nap in complete comfort. Another positive side? You no longer have to tell your cat to move around to vacuum while he rests. In this way, both the owner and his pet can enjoy the day in total serenity.

Spinning cat toys

Spinning Cat Toy

Cats always have the desire to touch things and this pushes them to relax to the point that it leads them to spend a lot of time in front of an object that could be strange and attract their attention. Like this spinning, for example, which will give your cat plenty of time to relax.

Cat litter box

Cat Litter Box

The litter box allows you to save the floor from stains and the scattering of grains. The honeycomb top layer is non-slip and delicate under the legs while the bottom layer is waterproof. This box is also very convenient to use on the go, as your cat will have the convenience of doing everything he needs in one place, as it can also act as a small pet carrier. Once back from the trip, you can still place this box at home and let your cat use it, so that he can have all the comforts of him.

Cat carrier

Pet Hiking Traveling Backpack

For short and long journeys, it is good to have a pet carrier. Often, however, these are cold and uncomfortable for the animals. Aoin has patented a bag that allows you to carry small animals weighing 6-8 kg without sacrificing comfort and softness. This particular carrier allows excellent ventilation and a peripheral view, while the three openings facilitate access. In addition, the tunnel can be expanded to obtain more space. Finally, its waterproof fabric allows you to clean it with a simple damp cloth. Designed to take up space under the seat of most airlines, this bag will make travel less stressful for your puppy. Very comfortable to carry, just wear this backpack over your shoulders!

Shoot balls

Tennis Ball Shooter Launcher

How tiring can it be to use the arm to throw the ball to our dog? With this gun throwing balls, one of the many pet toys of Aoin, your arm will be able to rest, as it will take care of throwing the ball to your dog, and all you have to do is put it back in the barrel and then relaunch it. Your dog will appreciate!