With the term of artificial plants, or indoor, all those plant species, flowering or not, which survive well in a closed environment, are grouped. For "interior", in addition to classic residential apartments, furnishing plants often embellish offices, small shops or large shopping centers, always with the aim of giving a green, very pleasant appearance in every environment, sometimes even so rich in vegetation that it dominates the rest of the furniture.

Artificial Flowers Silk Rose with Vase

Why choose artificial plants?

But not always, indoors, we can find the perfect conditions to make our plants feel good and grow better, and here are some reasons to choose the artificial plants that you find on the Aoin website.

The temperature

In an apartment, as a rule, it oscillates between 15 and 25 ° C, and even in winter it never falls below this threshold. This can guarantee to embellish, for example, our environments even with particularly exotic species, but it can be inhibiting for varieties that need more sparkling climates, suitable for the period, or for greater humidity, also thanks to heaters that can radiate excessive heat to the plants.


In the interiors, in fact, the light coming from the windows is not always sufficient and, perhaps, it is not even in favor of the space for domestic plants which, therefore, struggle to grow or even end up ruining and withering permanently.


Maybe we could have, in our interiors, all the space necessary for furnishings, accessories and, indeed, our favorite plants! Unfortunately, apartments, especially those in the city, are increasingly limited in size, so much so that they often have to sacrifice green or flowery ideas and solutions.

Consistency in care

As we know, in a day there is never enough time, so much so that trying to carve it out to take care of your plants almost risks becoming a burden in the long run. Watering, fertilizing, cutting, potting, are all operations that they require guaranteed constancy and periodicity, for the good of the plants and for our satisfaction.

The budget to invest

Especially in the case of cut flowers, as well as potted plants, it can be really expensive to want to keep only fresh bouquets or continuously renewed plants, also based on seasonality. This is because, of course, the natural green, and the freshness of the blooms, do not last long, and therefore often need to be replaced.

Mini Artificial Rose Flowers in Woven Basket
So, how can we do to furnish our home with the pleasant glance of ornamental plants without having to incur the inconveniences listed but, on the contrary, adding a touch of vitality and greenery to our rooms? The answer is simple: with artificial plants!

Fake plants for the home

An excellent alternative to natural vegetation, the artificial plant market is very rich in possibilities, being a constantly evolving sector, with cutting-edge processing techniques, and which ensure productions that are increasingly similar to real ones. Among the best house plants for sale, for example, it is even possible to find on the market specimens that give off the scent of natural ones.

Artificial Flowers Bouquet Silk Plastic
For your furniture you can opt to buy artificial plants in an economic way from the Aoin site, such as
- Hanging plants
- Plants in pots
- Flowers to embellish your glass vases
- Fat plants
Mini Artificial Plant in Pot Fruit Waxberry