A home is not really home if it is not the comfortable place that welcomes us every day. Whatever its size, whatever the budget to furnish it, it can be our refuge.

Making our home pleasant for ourselves is not very different from making it welcoming even for those who are invited to enter.

In reality it is much simpler than one might think: some elements of color, not too much, paintings and photographs on the walls, some beautiful plants here and there, some elements of wooden furniture, soft rugs and warm blankets, books and knick-knacks.

What are the tricks for a modern home decor? Make yourself comfortable.

Heat the environment

A comfortable environment is never cold (at least not winter). What heats the room apart from the radiators? First of all a nice soft plaid.

Everyone's dream is a beautiful wall fireplace, but only a few have it. For all the others, it can easily fold over a bioethanol fireplace, which in addition to heating, creates the right atmosphere.

Soft lights

If you want to produce the right atmosphere, you need perfect lighting. Intense while having dinner or having fun in front of a board game, soft if you relax on the sofa or watch a movie on TV.

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Soft rugs, blankets and pillows

Textiles are a fundamental element to make an environment welcoming. Curtains, sofa coverings, cushions, carpets give personality and color to the environment.

This is why they must be chosen carefully, so that the patterns of each element are in harmony with the others.

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Perfumes and scented candles

Smells can completely change the perception of a home. Entering an environment permeated with a delicious perfume, we are positively tickled by a sensation of pleasantness that also widens to the eye.

The walls: paintings and photographs

There is nothing better, to give warmth to the environment, than to properly decorate the walls with paintings and prints. You choose the style according to your tastes: landscapes, abstract drawings, colored prints or positive thinking writings.

It is not the style that makes the environment pleasant, but the consistency and personal flair of each of us.

The preferred material: wood

Wood has a significant lifespan compared to other materials. Furniture that is centuries old is still in condition today, as long as it is taken care of. In addition, wooden furniture can be renovated. If you are tired of the look of your high table, you can strip it to give it a new lease of life: paint it, varnish it or whitewash it!

Artificial plants

If the flowers give joy and a good mood, the plants have a relaxing and regenerating power. A bit of greenery in the house cannot be missing! You can find so many of them on Aoin!

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Organize your items with containers

Having a tidy house is always a good undertaking, especially when there are many people living there and there are children. Everyone wants to have their things close at hand and, at the same time, expect a certain functionality. This is why organizing the house with containers becomes an essential necessity. You can find many on Aoin, such as this jewelry storage box, where you can keep all your jewels in order! Beautiful and super functional!

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