Doesn’t everyone want a good cup to drink tea or coffee? Coffee mugs with creative designs and messages hold a special place in people's hearts. These coffee mugs are perfect kitchen supplies that are so versatile. It adds a certain kind of panache to the décor. Creative cups provide a perfect heartful message to loved ones. You can gift it to the special someone in your life.

3D Aliens Cup UFO Conspicuous Ceramic Coffee Mug

Guide to creating unique and creative cups

Plan out the cup making process

    Before undertaking any project, it's essential to have a plan out ready with you.

    Will the design fit the mug size?
    Will the design be on one side or both sides of the mug?
    How many colors will be there on the design? Etc.

      The cup should be unique along with its base to stand out. Choose mugs that are dishwasher safe to get effective results.

      Use appropriate colors

        Colors add a real impact while designing creative cups. It has a powerful impact to make the cups look quirky and gorgeous. Determine the level of colors to be used. Sketch it out to know the right combination of colors to be used. Getting the mug colored professionally helps in saving a few bucks. It can be a colorful interior or even a colorful handle!

        Funny Dachshund Handle Coffe Mug
        Be eco friendly in choosing cups

          A reusable cup is so much better than disposable cups. Over 99% of the coffee cups are not recycled. You can create custom cups that can be eco-friendly as well.

          It's No to paper

            Print the designs directly on the disposable cups rather than using paper. Also, avoid printing on the labels that can come off while washing.

            Choosing durable materials

              Copper, porcelain, ceramic, etc. are some of the durable materials to use while making creative cups as kitchen supplies. Likewise, these are also durable while making personalized mugs. You will get something that will last for years.

              Tailoring the mugs as per the business

                Every business will want something unique when it comes to selecting custom mugs.


                  The coffee shop or bistro coffee mugs need to be a little quaint and cute to reflect the charm. Further, you can use a pretty distinct color for the same.

                  That's What Cheese Said Cheese Shaped

                    Bright-colored mugs define hotel life. The visitors will have a great time and that should be reflected in the coffee mugs. Keep these along with complimentary breakfast.

                    Some nonfood industries have custom mugs. People use cups right from morning coffees to hot cocoa time.

                    Let the design come out in the cups

                      When choosing custom mugs, pay attention to the designs. The design must be the star of the cups. And be sure that you do everything to make the design pop out. Use clever puns to decorate the mugs as well.

                      Use the markerto make the designs

                        A fantastic way to decorate the creative mugs is by using marker pens. The oil-based pens help to create effective designs. Just make out the design, and let it dry. Make fun and interesting designs that are sure to please everyone.


                        Custom-designed mugs add character and charm that the store-bought mugs can’t simply match. When making your own coffee mugs, give a design that belongs to you uniquely.