Living rooms have always been the star attraction of the house. This is what guests see first and the theme of the house, setting of the living room completely dictates the taste of homeowners. Living Room Decor is highly underrated. It could be as simple as a wall hanging or a showpiece but it can give elegance and beauty to the room that can completely impress your guests.

There are a few principles to decorating that have to be kept in mind. It would be based on these aspects that you would be buying living room decor. First, keep in mind the theme of your house and the colors that you would like to incorporate. Based on this, you can buy suitable home decor. Do not ignore the space factor either. Make sure your living room doesn’t look very crowded by decorating with huge items.

The home decor should be proportional to the size of the room. For small living rooms, you have to get dainty, small decor. If you have space constraints, then a revolutionary idea has to be buying these pretty and tasteful cabinets called bedroom storage.

What are some other ideas for living room decor?

1. Storage Pieces

Bedroom storage pieces are compact and completely closed, thus allowing you to store excess accessories to help you declutter your living room. This would make your living room look larger and cleaner. This is a great idea to keep your living room artistically decorated and simple.

Transparent Cabinet Jewelry Display Stand

2. Plant Hangers

These are the new decor items that give the room a little life by accommodating living plants. They come in different styles like either clear wood or earthen made or even wildly colorful. Based on your preferences, you can purchase one to spruce up your living room.

Plant Hanger with Wooden Basin Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf Flower Pot


3. Wind Chimes

Originated as a form of feng shui to give the house some positive vibes, now wind chimes are so customized that they can add so much elegance to your living room. It comes in many colors. Since they are hung, they would not occupy too much space in the living room.

Leaf Shape Wind Chimes


4. Birds Stained Glass Window Hangings

Window hangings generally add a dash of color to the living room and look very attractive on clear surfaces. When sunlight strikes through them, the colored light can look gorgeous in the living room. Indoor decorations is suitable and nice.

Birds Stained Glass Window Hangings


5. Conspicuous Ceramic Coffee Mugs

While people use coffee mugs to drink coffee, did you know they can also be used as decor items? They often look very pretty and funky when placed on clean and empty surfaces. It is eye-catching, so they have to be unique and huge!

3D Aliens Cup UFO Conspicuous Ceramic Coffee Mug


6. Handmade Mini Cute Ceramic Pot with Fence

This is a decorative piece that is tiny and very cute. These can be kept on top of fireplaces or can be used as a mantlepiece. There are many types of small ceramic pots, but milder colors often give another feel to the entire setup.

Handmade Mini Cute Ceramic Pot with Fence Decorative



There are so many more ideas for living room decor but these are the ones in trend right now! Choosing something affordable, cute and stylish can spruce up your living room to another level. After all, who wouldn’t want to make their homes look classy!