Although there are exceptions that end up confirming the rule, the truth is that, nowadays, most pets spend all day indoors, without much to do and with no one to interact with.

Come to think of it, it's easy to understand the importance of toys in the life of pets. After all, in addition to stimulating movement and greater energy expenditure, the pet toys you find on Aoin are also great for entertaining and relaxing our friends.

How to choose toys for pets?

When it comes to pet toys, you immediately think of fun. And this is not wrong! However, just like when choosing children's toys, safety is also very important to think about. Otherwise, what was supposed to be fun can quickly turn into a health problem.

The age and size of the animal must also be taken into consideration. Toys that are too small can cause the animal to swallow their parts, while a toy that is too large can cause him to lose interest in the game.

While new games can be encouraged, try to find out the pet's preferences and buy toys that please him!

Pet toy: a type for every occasion

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird, or rodent, the best toys are always the ones that stimulate your pets' natural instinct and intelligence.

However, just as we usually prefer one type of activity when we are alone and another when we are with friends, even the most recommended pet toys can vary depending on the occasion. Check out some of them in the best pet supply!

When the pet is alone

The most recommended are interactive toys for pets or work ones. This is the case with balls where you can put pasta or nourishment, and even games. This is because this type of play stimulates and rewards the animal, keeping it distracted and interested for longer. In addition to being very safe and resistant.

Best Dog Teething Toys Balls

To encourage interaction between two animals

Giving the gift of pleasant moments between two pets is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between them. Among the interactive toys available to play together are ropes, discs and double-ended toys.

UFO Automatic Rotating Interactive Cat Toy

To strengthen the bond between pet and guardian

Toys aren't only important when pets are alone. They are also a great way to interact and have fun with our friends. For this, it is also worth betting on toys such as discs, balls and others that we can throw.

Pets love contact with their owners and any kind of extra attention and so don't be afraid to brush them. This also allows you to quickly notice any skin problem.

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To spend a lot of energy

In general, all toys provide comfort to the animal, but if the goal is to expend energy, the best options are those that make him run, such as throwing discs and balls.

What if you can't give up on plants?

An interior immediately looks sad when there are no plants in it. But if you share this interior with a pet, cat or dog, the question of the toxicity of plants will quickly arise. Fortunately, fake plants decors are safe for your little animals, and are just as decorative as the real ones. So do not deprive yourself of this beneficial greenery!

Mini Artificial Plant in Pot Fruit Waxberry