Plants add a touch of luxury to your interior. Whether you place flowers in a vase or decorate your corner with potted plants, they will enhance your decorating game beautifully. More often than not, however, houseplants can require a lot of maintenance, and not everyone is born with a green thumb. If you want to add some aesthetics to the plants in your space but are worried about killing them, go for fake plants decor which are all you are looking for: zero maintenance.

Artificial Flowers Bouquet Silk Plastic

And when it comes to artificial plants, there are several artificial plant arrangement ideas to brighten up your living space. And since you won't have to work hard, you can choose more than one to enjoy an extension of the outside world and feel the peace within. Below are 4 home decor ideas made from synthetic plants to inspire you.

Create a corner of plants in your living room

Every house has a windowless and sunless corner that calls out for decorating ideas. You can always trust misconceptions of plant decoration and enjoy the physical effect of greenery. You can also place them next to sofas or side tables. You can also create jungle atmospheres in the bathroom by placing exotic artificial plants, such as fake palm trees or banana trees, there are nowadays very realistic artificial trees. Shelves and closed windowsills are also great places to place fake plants and make the space livelier.

Mini Artificial Plant in Pot Fruit Waxberry

Hang them up

If you want to put the accent on shelves and windowsills, hanging your fake plants will do better than hanging just one. First, they'll eliminate unnecessary crowds from low areas. Then, they will be the best ornamentation and bring unparalleled elegance. Third, they will be perfect for small rooms and living spaces. Fourth, it will be relatively easier to decorate your living room with artificial plants in hanging pots than with real greens, because they will not require regular watering and you will avoid having to maintain them every day.

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A plant shelf as a wall decoration

Embellish your space with a fake plant decoration in the living room. Add colors and floral designs to the wall and create a plant shelf near it. This will give you a healthy dose of much-needed greenery. You can opt for a colorful floral background as an arrangement to pair with green artificial plants for the living room. On Aoin you will find what you need!

Mini Artificial Rose Flowers in Woven Basket

Mix artificial plants with living plants

This is one of the most economical ideas for artificial plants to decorate your living space. Choose live plants that shed the fewest leaves and mix them with artificial flowering plants. This method is most suitable for your living space, as you can still keep the space fresh and seasonal by replacing artificial plants with new ones. For example, you can choose artificial tropical plants in the summer and evergreen plants in the winter to make your artificial plant decor look its best.

Plants help create a calm and peaceful environment at home. So, if you want to get rid of time-consuming watering and maintenance, you can always turn to artificial plants, that you can easily find on Aoin, site also specializing in pet supplies online!