The bathroom is the most intimate environment in the house, and as such, being able to create a welcoming atmosphere is of vital importance. The glossy pages of the furniture catalogs exhibit splendid, spacious and well-furnished bathrooms, where light and exploited lines combine to emphasize and fully exploit the potential of every corner.

Low light is deplorable both in a large and spacious room and in a smaller one: the lines of the furniture and furnishings fail to stand out, the colors appear dull, ruining the sense of welcome and negatively affecting the mood. However, there are effective ways to brighten both a blind bathroom and a small, dimly lit bathroom. These methods do not involve drastic renovations or masonry work, but are based on the choice of colors, furnishings and artificial lights, all elements on which Aoin focuses in the choice of its products!


Black Metal Wall Mounted Storage Basket

The first change you can make concerns the coating to choose for the walls. The color of the walls must be absolutely clear: light colors allow the refraction of light, both the little natural light that enters from the windows and the artificial one. Therefore, opt for light-toned colors, such as shades of yellow from white to cream, or pastel colors (without exceeding, so as not to incur the highlighter effect). White is the optimal solution, being the color with the highest degree of refraction. You could also opt for a white tile finish. Consider attaching storage baskets to the tile surface to increase color contrast and convenience in life.


As for the flooring, also in this case you will have to move towards light colored floors. If the white tiles are too aseptic, and unsightly when combined with the tiling on the wall mentioned earlier, a light wood parquet could be the choice to move towards. Without spending too much, on the market there are parquet floors that can be easily applied to the existing flooring.

Bathroom furniture 

Multi-layer Thickened Bathroom Rack Storage Rack

The second point to consider is the furniture. The use of furniture and bathroom fixtures with light colors is mandatory, preferably shiny and not opaque (due to the refraction factor). Therefore, traditional porcelain is useful or, if you want to provide a more modern touch, steel. A shower with non-opaque glass is then ideal for increasing the sense of depth of the room and ensuring a wider diffusion of light. Place a movable storage shelf in the bathroom gap to increase the sense of interaction in life. Finally, mirrors are essential, useful for allowing refraction and creating the illusion of amplitude, possibly with chrome or clear finishes. It is important that all bathroom furniture does not obstruct the light, so you should avoid objects that are too bulky or hanging from the ceiling. 

Artificial bathroom lights

Artificial light will be the focus of enhancing the brightness in the bathroom. To choose the optimal arrangement, we must consider that artificial light tends to spread from top to bottom while natural light, entering through the windows, radiates horizontally. A lamp placed immediately above an object projects its shadow on the floor or on another wall: you will therefore have to place essential lamps, possibly transparent, avoiding solutions hanging from the ceiling. The interlocking spotlights and discreet wall lights are a good choice for general room lighting. Spotlights and LED strips can help you illuminate the mirrors and the darkest areas of the room, such as behind the sink or near the bathtub. Avoid cold colors and choose warm colors to provide a warmer atmosphere to your bathroom.