Are you looking for more space in the bathroom? A tidy bathroom, in which everything is in its place, and in which to find everything we need quickly and easily, is everyone's dream. It seems easy to say, but making this wish come true can become complicated.

So here are a few simple rules to be able to organize everything in the best possible way, without wasting too much time to create the perfect space in the house dedicated to well-being and personal care. Your life will become simpler!

It is not always possible to have an immense, illuminated environment, with huge washbasins and equally large mirrors and an infinite range of furniture and cabinets. In everyday life, we often find ourselves dealing with a small bathroom, in which to be able to cram everything you need.

Think Vertically

Black Metal Wall Mounted Storage Basket

Having a small bathroom available, we take advantage of the verticality! But given that the space is already small, this does not mean hanging a thousand shelves full of objects on the walls.

A good idea is to hang towels, strictly clear, a bit like they do in hotels. There is nothing like soft colors, such as white, beige or powder pink, to optically enlarge the space, creating a bright and tidy environment.

Choice of sink

In a small bathroom, you have to be very careful about the configuration of the elements, to optimize space. Better to forget the pedestal washbasins and opt for a built-in, countertop or suspended washbasin. Choosing the right washbasin is the first step in organizing the environment! Take advantage of the space created under the sink to create a safe place to store detergents or other items to clean your beloved home!

On the site you will find many bedroom organizer ideas also useful for your bathroom to put order both in your home and in your life!

Choosing the Shower or the Bathtub?

In a space that is not particularly large, the bathtub reduces the floor surface, giving the sight a feeling of restriction. Prefer the shower, to be placed in a corner. This way you will save a lot of space where you can house some furniture to put some stuff in!

Multi-layer Thickened Bathroom Rack Storage Rack

Use Storage boxes

If you have limited space to organize small bathroom items, attach some containers to the furniture doors to store them in. In the absence of a drawer or cabinet to store towels, you can create a fun container with aluminum cans and decorative paper.

Take advantage of the height

Plastic PP Hanging Drain Basket

There are many people who decide to use the highest part of the walls for storage. This probably avoids the overwhelming feeling of object-laden walls! On the Aoin website there are many configurations that you can find to improve your wall, making higher spaces into real shelves in which to put your objects or wellness products. Containers with a more beautiful packaging can easily stand in plain sight, while others can be stored in special boxes!