Autumn, a time of rain and clouds, but also of intense colors, falling leaves, fruits with a very sweet taste. Take advantage of the hours of light to go out into the open air and fight the melancholy of this period thanks to the force of nature, which during the autumn season appears exciting and vivid. While looking for your home decor online, choose raffia and rope, able to evoke the colors of the earth. Natural fabrics bring us back to the bond with the roots and the rough pleasure of an essential simplicity.

Pumpkin, grapes, chestnuts and persimmons reign in the vegetable garden and in the kitchen: it recalls the fruits of this period with decorations and stencils, to be made together with the children and hung in every corner, to transform your home into a colorful nest and discover together the fruits of Autumn! You can find all of this on the Aoin website!


Take a walk in the woods and take the opportunity to collect chestnuts, colored leaves and branches, with which to make a garland to hang on the front door.


Do you know how to dig a pumpkin? The operation is simple, but the result of great effect: it can become a cheerful magic lantern to be placed in a corner of the windowsill and turned on during the evening. Cabbage and decorative pumpkins are suitable for the creation of DIY centerpieces and decorations, in which to combine hellebore flowers, roses, butcher's broom and evergreen branches.

Pot of leaves and evergreens

Who said that leaves and evergreens are only used to accompany flowers? Create a color-intensive composition with bundles of red and yellow or evergreen leaves. It will stand out making the living room original.

Mini Artificial Rose Flowers in Woven Basket

Bright centerpiece

Did you find any pine cones? Paint them with many different colors or leave them natural: they will be a simple but effective centerpiece, to which you can add pumpkins and a light chain to turn on for a special dinner. Alternatively, you can use them as a place card, to be placed next to each guest's plate with a card where you will have written the name along with a special dedication.

Mini Artificial Plant in Pot Fruit Waxberry

Composition of autumn plants and flowers

If you have a garden, use an old tin container or wicker basket to create a colorful arrangement with the plants that bloom this season. Hellebore, heather, pansies and ornamental kale will withstand even the cold.

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Lantern and seedlings to decorate the windowsill

The Symphoricarpos produces beautiful pink berries (inedible!) during the winter and small white flowers in the summer: it is a resistant shrub, so much so that it survives well even in polluted areas. Match it with heather to color the melancholy of autumn with shades of pink.

Colorful Rainbow Rose with Led Light String Unique Gifts

Candle holders

Use a glass or a glass container or a jar to place a scented candle: add dry leaves, colorful berries and lots of crazy chestnuts or nuts for a simple but original centerpiece. The alternative idea? Paint an old plate with ceramic colors, you can use it as a decorative object for the table.

Centerpiece with candle

A wooden base, a jar with heather and a candle will be a perfect combo to decorate your relaxation corner with the colors of autumn.

Vase with leaves

A glass vase with a special soul: a red leaf inside. To box a fragment of this season with iridescent colors and let yourself be gently captivated by the charm of autumn.

Solar Powered Sunflower Outdoor Garden Light

Decorative candles

You can buy them in the shops that come with potpourri preparations or pack them yourself, putting them to dry: orange slices and cloves will make a simple white candle special, to be placed as a centerpiece or in a corner of the window.